Bite Into New Marketing Ideas for Your Dentist Email Lists

Bite Into New Marketing Ideas for Your Dentist Email Lists


Bite Into New Marketing Ideas for Your Dentist Email Lists


The dental industry is booming as Baby Boomers continue to age and need support, while older Millennials are starting to want more restorative work. [[1]]


When you build dentist email lists, the goal is to show how much value you offer compared to the competition. What do you provide that is different than someone else?


Your unique sales proposition is the start of your email marketing journey. Once you’ve determined how your brand stands out, you can bite into these ideas to help your business grow.


Be Proactive Instead of Reactionary

Most email marketing efforts focus on impulse buys. You can get a sales-related reaction by delivering something that feels like an immediate solution. That might work for a short-term gain, but the goal should be to get repetitive customers to lower your acquisition costs.


Instead of seeing trends and reacting to them, research the industry. Talk to your dentist email lists about the problems they face. Then develop goods or services around the most severe pain points. [[2]]


Focus on MWM Structures

Today's pros often focus on advertising or digital marketing techniques when approaching their dentist email lists. Although interruption-based techniques and getting permission beforehand to offer content is helpful, it doesn’t always maximize your potential with each customer. [[3]]


MWM stands for “marketing with meaning.” The word-of-mouth approach is effective because it incorporates elements of trust within the context and content you offer.


Consider offering access to reviews and testimonials, even if some are less than flattering, to show that you have refined your approach to helping dentists with what you offer.


Know What Each Subscriber Is Worth?

How many new dentists did you attract to your lists in the past 12 months? What part of the revenues you’ve earned can be directly attributed to these subscribers?

Although these metrics are simple math, many email marketers don’t take the additional steps needed to understand their earnings. When you can see what dentists and practices bring the best results, you can refine your content to keep pushing the value proposition envelope for this group. [[4]]


Compare Yourself to Yourself

Every dentist email list is a little different. Each has its own geographic reach, demographic priorities, and potential profitability.


Instead of comparing your content and messaging efforts to larger providers or boutique firms, compare the metrics you’ve generated previously to what you have today. Try to turn your existing dentist base into a sales funnel that allows referrals to flow. [[5]]


Keep trying to beat those month-over-month or year-over-year numbers. Competing with yourself ensures you stay on a path that focuses on improving daily.


Keep Testing, Tracking, and Adjusting

The sticking point for many dentist email list administrators is the testing process. These marketers don't track effectively or within a reasonable time structure, failing to adjust to the industry's evolution. You're losing time and money while generating no actionable results.


Doing the same thing will get you the same results. If you try something new to engage your subscribers, some risks will be involved. When you stay proactive and keep pushing forward, you'll have more chances to create your desired outcomes.







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