Grow Your Dentist Email List: How to Relate to Your Clients

Grow Your Dentist Email List: How to Relate to Your Clients

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Grow Your Dentist Email List: How to Relate to Your Clients


When rating people in careers they hate the most, dentists rank close to divorce attorneys. The primary fear that most patients have when seeking professional care for their oral health involves the invasiveness of the process. [[1]]


You cannot avoid a dental hygienist or dentist from leaning over and putting tools or hands in your mouth.


When trying to grow your dentist email list, it’s essential to create content that helps them relate to their patients. They need strategies and resources to grow their business, provide efficient services, and provide something better than their competitors.


That happens when you can recognize why people aren’t going to the dentist, even if they could benefit from care.


Why Do People Avoid the Dentist?

Empathy helps a dental practice grow more than any other effort. It must be authentic to be marketable as a skill, which is why so many offices fail to grow. Their patients see false connections, which makes them feel like a commodity instead of a person.


Here are the reasons why people avoid the dentist and the problems you can help your clients solve.


1. Cost Issues

Even when patients have dental insurance, the cost for work can be more than what someone earns in a paycheck. When you consider they don’t want the work done, it’s easy to justify skipping an appointment. Try offering resources that can help your dentist email list cut costs without compromising their services to provide a marketable resource. [[2]]


2. Inconvenient Times

Most dental appointments happen during work or school hours. That means patients have to take sick or vacation leave to handle their oral health. If you can help your dentist email list minimize wait times or provide at-home care options that reduce the total number of appointments per person, you’ll help those clients build more relationships. [[3]]


3. Solving Shame

Everyone is on their best behavior the week before they head to the dentist. Flossing and mouthwash for 72 hours won’t remove six months of neglect. Dentists are responsible for providing feedback and care instructions, but this information is often delivered insensitively or with perceived hostility. If you can offer different tips and tricks to relate to people better, the outcomes will help the office. [[4]]


4. Needles and Pain

Some people don’t like needles at all. A few patients don’t mind them, but don’t like the pain they cause when they’re stuck into the gums. Even when the numbing agents work, a root canal can still be painful if some nerves aren’t desensitized. If you can offer your dentist email list some advice that helps them recognize discomfort, there can be proactive responses to this issue that can bring relief to others. [[5]]


5. Bad Memories of Past Visits

Professional dentists might strive to provide world-class services, but they still struggle to have patients come for services because of poor experiences from other providers. It only takes one negative encounter to create a lifetime of avoidance. Think about some strategies that can help these offices re-target people who could use some help, then send it out to your engaged list.


Dentist email lists and our doctor email lists deliver value when you build relationships and offer value. If you can produce that result consistently, you’ll find more opportunities with each click.

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