Grow Your Pharmacist Email Lists by Providing Meaningful Solutions

Grow Your Pharmacist Email Lists by Providing Meaningful Solutions

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Grow Your Pharmacist Email Lists by Providing Meaningful Solutions


As new pharmacogenomics emerge, the days of a pharmacist dispensing pills and nothing more are gone. Many clinicians are taking new roles on public health efforts. [[1]]


That means your pharmacist email list is filed with people who are essential and critical to a person’s treatment team. They face several resource and technical challenges while striving to provide efficient medication decisions for their customers.


When you reach out to them through your marketing efforts, it helps to address the core challenges that so many people face.


What Are the Challenges That Pharmacists and Doctors Face Today?

Every healthcare position has unique challenges to face. Pharmacists tend to be on the forefront because of their role in the treatment chain. When your content can address these potential issues, your business can stay at the top of the mind.


1. More Specialty Medications

Since the 1990s, the number of specialty prescriptions being written to patients has risen by more than 1,200%. These medicines offer hope to the people who receive them, but they also typically require prior authorization from insurance companies because of their expense. That means your pharmacist email list benefits from having resources about the latest industry trends while accessing educational materials. [[2]]


2. Additional Multitasking

The pharmacy used to be the place where you filled prescriptions, grabbed a milkshake, and did some light Christmas shopping. Today, pharmacists are asked to do more with often fewer resources. They’re administering vaccines, performing safety screening, and offering medication therapy management services. [[3]]


It can take a lot of time to find trustworthy information regarding their role in a person’s point of care. When your emails deliver expertise without requiring an extensive time commitment, you can help subscribers to start multitasking better. That will make them more effective at their work.


3. Outdated Information

When your pharmacist email list is filled with outdated addresses and contact information, your outreach efforts become less effective. You’re wasting time and resources attempting to contact readers who no longer exist – or want what you’re offering.


Pharmacists encounter a similar problem with their evidence-based drug interaction information. They need updated databases that ensure safe and accurate prescription filling services.


4. Medical Error Costs

The annual cost of medication errors is approximately $20 billion in the United States alone. Some pharmacists find themselves work 14-hour shifts throughout the week because there isn’t any other access point for this service in their community. That means anything you can provide to limit the human and financial expenses in this area will be valuable. [[4]]


As a bonus, you’ll help your customers avoid errors that could lead to adverse patient outcomes.


5. Disparate Resources

The internet provides a massive resource for pharmacists to use, but it is still challenging for these healthcare professionals to find trustworthy resources for drug interactions. Evidence-based literature is not readily available. That means time is required to sort through the various tools, books, and databases when it would be easier to work through a single one. [[5]]


How can your products or services meet these challenges? If you send that information to your pharmacist email lists, you’ll be in a good spot to start seeing participation and growth.


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