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  • US Veteran owned business
K12 Data is one of the fastest growing sources of education data in United States
  •    Over 1.9 Million Healthcare Contacts by Email       
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  •    Unlimited-use, no minimums                
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  •    US Veteran Owned Business       

A Doctor Email List Marketing & Physician Email List Database Leader Since 2017

Physician Data is the optimal solution for reaching healthcare professionals by their business email addresses. We provide the best doctor email list and database on the market. Our Doctor Email Lists, Physician Email Lists, Dentist Email Lists, and Nurse Email Lists, as well as many other Medical Professionals by email are the best solution to drive your sales and marketing efforts in this very expansive medical industry. Our customers rave about the quality of our healthcare email lists and all at the best pricing available in this competitive medical industry. If you are going to pull the trigger on purchasing a doctor or other healthcare professional email list look no further than Physician Data. Since 2017 we have been a leader in Quality Healthcare Email Leads Lists. Our parent company, the K12 Data Group, established in 2012, has led the way in the education data market with top email quality lists at the best prices. We retain over 96% of our client base because we deliver the best healthcare email databases in the USA. It's compiled by our team, cleaned by our team, and updated regularly for optimal performance. Medical email marketing can be challenging but not with Physician Data mailing lists. Accuracy, ease of use, and working with a great veteran owned small business sets us apart in the healthcare mailing list world. 

Build A Doctor Email List & Doctor Mailing List Within 3 Minutes. It’s That Simple with Physician Data

Real-time access to our healthcare marketing database and updated information keeps you ahead of the market. With Physician Data, you build your own detailed medical industry email list from our user-driven platform - checkout & sell. It's that simple. Files are delivered in a CSV or XLSX format to the user's account within 3 minutes.  The entire process is automated and always at the customer's finger tips 24/7. So make the simple choice to get away from complex pricing, contracts, and limited-use data.  Try Physician Data, and see how effective and painless healthcare email list ordering can be. Build A List Today and receive quality, verified Physician and Doctor Email Lists.  https://physician-data.com/custom_databases

Doctor Email Lists:  Quality & Great Pricing

Our doctor email lists and physician email lists are updated regularly. Concise medical data helps to ensure that your e-marketing pieces reach the correct prospects. Through our reliable and detailed healthcare email lists and medical email lists our clients see higher response rates. Our physician database is extremely accurate making your marketing campaigns more effective. All of this together helps our clients reach and engage targeted medical personnel and other healthcare industry professionals. Since 2017 Physician Data has been a leading source of quality doctor email marketing lists. Pricing starts at .15c per contact and goes down based on volume. There are no minimum orders or add-on fees. File use is unlimited into perpetuity. We also have a File Suppression Tool in case you have a healthcare email list in-house and want to get net new contacts. The suppression tool is automated and let’s you negate email contacts that we might have in common with your medical email lists.

The Importance of a Solid Physician Email List & Database

Having a quality database of medical contacts is crucial. That baseline contact information that you can import into your CRM is key to the success of any enterprise that markets into the medical and healthcare vertical. Our physician database, which consists of doctor email lists, physician email lists, nurse email lists, and dentist email lists are robust and also very simple to use. Our clients can put together detailed doctor email lists in minutes, checkout, and receive an xlsx or csv of complete and accurate medical contact information by the email address. And, one of the great things about our healthcare email marketing lists is that they are inexpensive and the results are immediate. We have no minimum orders and no add-on fees. Make the simple choice and start building your healthcare database today with Physician Data, a division of K12 Data Inc. and 3 Minute Lists. 

Dentist Emails Lists, Nurses Email Lists, and Hospital Email Lists

Apart from the standard physician contact titles, Physician Data also carries dentist email lists, nurses email lists, and hospital email lists. This broad selection of medical database contacts is readily available to our clients in minutes. With over 1.9 million healthcare contacts PD stays ahead of the competiton with great pricing and stellar service. Not to mention simply great data since 2017.

To identify and connect with medical experts based on their specialties, get a medical email list of doctors and other healthcare providers. You can email doctors and people who might be interested in your service after purchasing a verified medical doctor list by specialization. Use a custom built, precise healthcare email database to connect that includes email addresses, addresses, and phone numbers. Our cost-effective healthcare email lists work as a doctor mailing list for letters or samples, as well as a healthcare email database for improved B2B email marketing. Get sales leads right now by purchasing a medical contact list!

Rely on a Great Physician Email List Database

Our Healthcare Contacts Email Lists Cover a Wide Number of Specialties & Job Titles to Improve Your Medical Email Database Marketing. Choose the number one Doctor Email List Provider and Get Started Today:


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