• 1.9 million contacts by email
  • 100% email & compiled by us
  • 95% email deliverablility
  • .15c per contact or less
  • Unlimited use, no minimums
  • US Veteran owned business
K12 Data is one of the fastest growing sources of education data in United States
  •    Over 1.9 Million Healthcare Contacts by Email       
  •    Updated weekly, 100% sourced & verified by us       
  •    Email address, address, phone... 100% Included       
  •    Unlimited-use, no minimums                
  •    Export your xlsx file in 3 minutes       
  •    US Veteran Owned Business       

A Doctor Email Lists Platform & Physician Email Lists Database Leader Since 2017

Physician Data was conceived in 2015 after the success of K12 Data’s extensive k-12 email marketing database. The standard was set high then and we followed that success with Physician Data. From our inception we continually strive to compile an up to date and complete data set of healthcare contact lists.  We have over 49 medical specialties and 604 job titles of healthcare providers:  https://physician-data.com/Physician_Data_card.pdf

The key ingredient starts with providing a straightforward platform to build email lists that target specific medical professionals where they work. Above all, “we are a great company to work with and we have been for over a decade”, serving the education and medical verticals, says Charles Isham, CEO K12 Data Group / Physician Data:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-isham-4a72813/

The Importance of Quality Healthcare Email Contacts for Marketing

There are a multitude of list marketing companies that are vying for your business and most of which spend little time focusing on the quality and list integrity. Nowhere is this more apparent than when you try to upload your doctor email lists into the CRM of any reputable ESP. Almost every email deployment company has put up barriers to exclude 3rd party lists and the reason is simple, they don’t want to risk their reputations on the poor quality of data being imported. This isn’t the 1990s, where you can upload 100k contacts and pull the email trigger. Email marketing takes finesse, strategy, and aligning your company with a great email list provider like Physician Data.

How We Maintain Quality Medical Email Lists

It starts with a data team of intelligent people that manually compile and update our doctor email lists on a daily basis. Our team targets specific job titles in different US states and verifies the contact information using multiple tools to ensure your success. It’s a proven strategy that helps your company market successfully into this healthcare vertical. Our goals is to keep your list delivery to 95% or higher and this is no simple feat. Keeping hard bounces and invalid emails at bay is an art. If you deployed to a list of 1,000 contacts using 10 different ESPs you will have 10 different results. A key reason is that each of these deployment companies have house files of millions of email addresses that they automatically suppress from sending. These can be people that have opted out of communication entirely, are risky to send to, and/or their initial quality check of your list is rejected for any myriad of internal reasons. So, it boils down to you purchasing healthcare email lists from a company that provides top caliber email contact information.

Doctor Email Lists:  Keeping it Simple

With the amount of medical data for sale on the market it becomes tough to uncover a straightforward source to put your list together. This is where we fit in. We keep it uncomplicated. Physician Data provides real-time access to our healthcare marketing database. Our file is a living, breathing, database where you can glean information to add to your own house file in minutes. With Physician Data, you build your own detailed healthcare email list from our user-driven platform, checkout, and sell. It's that simple. Files are delivered in a CSV or XLSX format to the user's account within 3 minutes.  The process is automated and always at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Build A List Today and receive quality, verified Doctor Email Lists.  https://physician-data.com/custom_databases. We also offer an email Suppression Tool that enables our customers to upload a one-column list of email addresses tp suppress against the data they would like to purchase from us. Eg:  you have a house file of 10k surgeons and we have 50k surgeons. We are likely to have some of these doctors in common but you don’t want to purchase duplicates, voila it’s done automatically, and you are left with only net-new contacts.

Physician Email Lists and Great Pricing

Pricing starts at .15 cents per contact ($150/M) and goes down based on volume -> automatically. This isn’t a lease, it’s a purchase. You download your Physician Data file and import it into your CRM. You manage your own email campaigns. Use is into perpetuity, not one year or one deployment, it’s yours. And, remember with the file suppression tool you can update your purchased list anytime with net-new contacts. There are no minimum orders or additional fees. Our goal is to make doctor email list acquisition as streamlined as possible.

Our Team


We have over 25 people in our company. Most of which are behind the scenes making all the difference by compiling our doctor email list database full-time. Almost all of our team have been with us since our inception in 2012, and we have a great group of talented people. Put all of this together and you have a great small company. Over 95% of our clients return to do business with us again. Please don’t hesitate to call me directly, on my mobile, anytime. I’m driven by the success and appreciation of our customers. Our bottom line takes care of itself. https://physician-data.com/contact



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