Physician Email Data:  Keeping it Simple

Physician Email Data: Keeping it Simple

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When we launched K12 Data in 2012 the market was flooded with data companies that made doing business a chore. Putting together an email list through any vendor at the time took some work. You had to contact the medical email list provider for counts of a specific title in whatever demographic you were targeting. This back and forth is a time drain on everyone involved. The email strings to get to the targeted list often go on for more than two days. The next issue is flexibility in use. If you have worked with any large data company, like D&B, you know how the whole process is laden with legal ease and tight restrictions on use often backed with litigious overtones. Not us.

One of the things we set out to do when we launched K12 Data, and later Physician Data, was to put the medical email lists in the hands of the user and do it in an automated fashion. This is where we developed, from the ground up, our Build A List page:  It allows our customers to build highly targeted doctor email marketing lists and healthcare email lists in minutes. I wanted prospective customers the be able to interact with our physician email database in real-time and pull lists on their own wih not email strings and phone calls. I want you to have access to good data and be able to export your email list in 1-2mins not one to two days and this is how we evolved. Interestingly, 10 years later this seems to be the way many of our competitors have turned. Although most still prefer to get you on the phone and upsell you as much as possible. Less moving parts from our point of view = lower costs. 

If you haven't had a chance to interact with our live healthcare database then I invite you to now:  See how simple it is to export real-time healthcare email lists and at a fraction of the price and friction you would expect to have. Physician Data, Simply Good Data, Simply Priced.

Charlie Isham

K12 Data / Physician Data

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